5 Axis CNC Milling

     A CNC Machine can rapidly and accurately reproduce a sculpture, mascot, displays, props, architectural models, or casting patterns. Adonis 3D can reproduce a client’s work in a fraction of the time it would take to manufacture by hand. Foam parts can be covered with a hard coat of urethane or epoxy, making them incredibly strong for display use. They also can be rough cut to provide a sculptor with an accurate lightweight armature.


Foam Materials:

  • Blue Floatation billet
  • EPS (extruded poly styrene) 1 – 3 lb densities available
  • Urethane 1 – 15 lb densities available

Architectural & Pattern making

Wood & MDF Materials:

  • MDF
  • Wood
  • Maple
  • Walnut

Adonis 3D is a division of Adonis Bronze