Mold Making

     Adonis 3D specializes in master mold making. The mold-making process can be completed at the client’s facility or the Adonis 3D location. Molds can be made for low run parts, as well as high volume reproductions. Adonis 3D can help in choosing the appropriate material for the job at hand. Some jobs require simple block molds, while others involve multiple sections and complex outer housings. The pattern design and casting materials selected will help determine the best course of action to ensure clean pulls and extended mold life.

     A vast range of mold materials and fabrication techniques are readily available.

Specializing In:

  • Waste Molds
  • Plaster & Gypsum Molds
  • RTV Molds (Silicone, Urethane)
  • CNC Milled Molds (Negative & Positive)
  • Lost Wax Sculpture Molds

Adonis 3D is a division of Adonis Bronze